Data Stream Short Pant Romance SPR: Character Bios

Bio: Triceraman


Loving, attentive boyfriend. Champion of justice. Loyal friend. Dutiful son. None of these descriptions fit Sam Starkey in the least. Scarred by a childhood in the spotlight as the chipper kid sidekick to the PTERODACTYL, America’s most beloved nocturnal vigilante, Sam survived some rough rebellious teenage years and is currently staggering uncomfortably toward his 30s. He works a few days a week at a bookstore and still fights crime as TRICERAMAN when there isn’t anything good on television.

Formerly known as TRICERALAD, famed sidekick to the PTERODACTYL, Sam’s nighttime alter ego has done a lot of growing up even if Sam himself hasn’t. Wearing a costume for the majority of his life and numerous past memberships with different teams has made Triceraman connections with nearly every hero and villain in Paradox City. True, most of them assume he’s either retired or dead, but a shared history is still a shared history.